Gummies: Re Deux!

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Fall of Flavors!

October ushers in the Fall, brings us Halloween and is, unofficially, the beginning of the holiday season. But, as always, memories float back of going trick or treating as kids and the candy we nabbed at every house we hit!

Of course, there were always the usual suspects, Snickers, Almond Joy, wax lips and that DISGUSTING candy corn!

As much as I like to joke about trick or treating as an adult, I would never do it! And, besides the candy doesn’t taste as good as it did back then! But, what really does, anymore?

In a way, my obsession with gummy candy making has been a way of recapturing some of that childhood sweetness.

Jolly Rancher Found!

From a casual mention from me, unprompted, my husband, also born in October, searched locally for the Jolly Rancher gelatin. My local grocery ONLY had Jello brand gelatin. Yes, that gelatin is perfectly fine to use if that’s what you have available.

He returned home with 3 boxes each of the green apple and cherry flavors. If you are old enough to remember penny candy, Jolly Ranchers were the best for flavor and longer lasting! Win!

The gummy recipe I previously posted has been reevaluated. I came up with new findings that I believe will render you better gummys!

In the last recipe, I used 4 envelopes of plain gelatin. I have reduced that down to three.

The lecithin was removed, too. I found that I didn’t need it, after all. The gelatin and the stirring is all you need to get the ingredients to bind together.

I double this recipe just to see what would happen. This last batch yielded over 100 gummys in total! That included all of the gummy remnants from around the molds!

This go ‘round I worked with a different strain. And, I purchased the appropriate molds from Michael’s craft store. FYI, they are in the chocolate making section.

This is a simple revision so I’m not going to put all of the instructions up again. I know you got this already!

So, here it is, The NEW Gummy 2.0!

Canna Coconut Oil: Gorilla Glue #4 has a potency of 30%.

5g x 300 = 1500mg of THC available

1500mg x .6% = 900mg of THC in my coconut oil

¼ cup of oil (4 tablespoons) = 450mg of THC

Revised Ingredients:

½ cup water

¼ cup infused coconut oil

3-¼oz packets unflavored gelatin

6 ounces flavored gelatin

What's coming soon to a stove near you!

I’ve been working on the infused peanut butter cups a la Reese’s and gum!

My candy dish runneth over!

Stay tuned!

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