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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

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How to make edibles (Actually really good gummies!)

So, I am actually pissed and disappointed right now! My goal for this installment was to make infused gummy candy! Ooooh! I was so excited! I spoke at length with the budtender for this one. We gave each other great information that we had been seeking! It was one of those “OMG! I think I was supposed to meet you!” kinda situations. I told her that I wanted a sativa, something uplifting but not an I-just-snorted-crank racy! She totally got me!

The Cannabis used in Making Infused Gummies

We landed on Gogi OG, 28.99 – 33.78% in potency! I bought 5 grams. Yaaaaasssssss! My goal was to make a legit, lit gummy!

But, two things almost derailed me.

Number 1. My plan was to use Jolly Rancher gelatin as a throwback to my childhood! FYI: In order of preference: Apple, cherry, watermelon, cinnamon. I thought to myself, “These are going to be so effin’ good!” Since I don’t typically eat it, I had no idea that Jello brand gelatin DOMINATED that section! There was no other flavored gelatin to be had unless you went store brand (No!). What the fuck?! If I want Jolly Rancher, I have to buy online. Out of desperation, I bought the Jello brand. (Sad!)

Number 2. I purchased the Lift decarboxylator. This thing was supposed to give me a complete activation of my raw herb AND eliminate the smell! Well, hot damn! Sign me up! Also, I thought this would be a great accompaniment to the Mota Pot!!

Back to the gummies!

Son of a biscuit eater! This thing worked one time, the first and last time I used it! I am so annoyed! Like beyond annoyed! I’ve already sent the email to get a replacement or my money back. If this thing worked like it said it would, I would have definitely introduced it to you and hopefully, got you the discount that I did!

But, alas, it was not to be! So, it’s back to decarbing in the oven!

The infused gummy candy project Continues!

The original recipe comes from Ruffhouse Studios It seemed to be the most reasonable recipe that I could find. I’m only using half of his recipe because the author does a whole different process to infuse. Using the Mota Pot make this part 100 times easier and you can calculate your dosage.

This recipe is interesting in that another ingredient, lecithin, is added to bind the cannabinoids within the fat medium (in this recipe, coconut oil) to the water. It’s an emulsifier in a lot of baked goods on market shelves. It also helps to improve creaminess. Easily dissolves in water, lecithin has zero taste. The original author of this recipe stated that the lecithin was optional, but I didn’t want to take any chances that my gummies would not congeal. Later on I will try a batch without it just to confirm or refute the need for lecithin. But, until then…

I may also pull back on the unflavored gelatin. The mixture was thick and started to firm up pretty quick. I will make any amendments in this recipe.

Infused Gummy Candy

For this Elevated Infused Gummy Candy project you will need:

½ cup water

¼ cup infused coconut oil

1 1 oz box of unflavored gelatin (four 1/4oz packets)

1 6oz box of flavored gelatin (dealer’s choice)

½ teaspoon lecithin (liquid or granules)

Next up, Tools:

Silicon candy mold (s)

Medium saucepan

Spoon or small baster

Cooking spray

Cookie sheet

Next in making infused gummy candy

Once you’ve infused your coconut oil in your Mota Pot, pour into a heat-safe bowl and store in the refrigerator of at least 2 hours to solidify and separate.

Poke two holes in the hardened oil and pour off the water. Place the solid oil in a small saucepan over low heat and slowly melt it down. In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, add the water. Whisk in the canna oil and keep whisking to begin to incorporate the mixture.

Once small bubbles begin to form around the edge of the pan, add-in, one at a time, the four packets of unflavored gelatin. Increase the heat source a bit. You are looking for a rolling boil. Keep whisking! Don’t make my mistake and dump the packet without whisking. I got lumps that would not budge. I’ll know better next time! And, heads up! You will be working pretty quickly starting from this point!

Add the flavored gelatin, keep whisking for another until completely incorporated, remove the pan from the heat source and add the lecithin, stir to combine.

Note: This is sticky, unforgiving candy so have everything ready to rock and roll. Spray your spoon and candy mold and place it very close to the pan. You will have to respray your spoon.

When you have achieved a rolling boil, remove the pan from the heat and begin to fill you silicon mold.

Working very quickly, add the gelatin to your mold cavities. I used a measuring spoon (1 tablespoon) that I sprayed with Pam to fill my mold

Note: Place the silicone mold on a cookie sheet for stability.

THC per Gummy

I used a tart mold that could hold one ounce (2 tablespoons) of ingredient in each of its compartments. I was only able to fill 14 of the cavities with the amount of gelatin I made making my gummies 33% in potency each! Just a reminder, the standard dose here in Colorado is 10mg.

Canna Coconut Oil: Gogi OG has a potency range of 28.86 – 33.63%. I split the difference and calculated for 31% potency.

5g x 310 = 1550mg of THC available

1550 x .6% = 930mg of THC in my coconut oil

¼ cup of oil (4 tablespoons) = 465mg of THC

I only filled 14 of the one-ounce cavities making each gummy 33mg each.

Not your standard dose for the average bear but the beauty is that you can now make it yourself, just the way you like and need it!

infused gummy candy has been made!

Need candy molds? Take advantage of my friend, Rocco Iannopollo, and his Cannabis Kitchen Supplies. Rocco sells to restaurants and licensed marijuana-infused product kitchens, but was happy to offer my readers access with a discount! Go in with a friend to purchase restaurant-quality kitchen tools that will last! Use code CKS15 to save $15 on a purchase of $100 or more at Don’t forget your code CKS15!

** IMPORTANT NOTE** I just realized that does not have the right molds for this project. They have chocolate molds (we’re going to get to that) but not gummy molds. Sorry about that! I used a nontraditional mold for my gummies, which, I believe changed the texture. I will follow up with new info. Until then get your gummy molds from Amazon. Gummy Molds

Take care! Have fun! And, don’t burn yourself on hot candy! Remember that time with the pizza?!

Knox Gelatin can be bought here: Knox Gelatin

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