One Cookie to Rule Them All!

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Hey, Friends! It is so good to reconnect with you in my new state of “almost back to normal”!

Physical therapy is happening but the bulk of my recovery is on my shoulders. I have pushed a little harder to get back into the kitchen.

Box Cookie Challenge of 2018

That little bit of a push led me to the “Box Cookie Challenge of 2018”!

As much as I enjoy cooking, sometimes I just don’t have the time or the inclination to bake from scratch. Temporary disability also counts as a viable reason not to bake from scratch!

Now, which box cookie mix?

My favorite flour maker, King Arthur, has a box chocolate chip cookie mix! But, wait, so does Ghirardelli!

I never paid that much attention to Ghirardelli’s cookie mix, only their chocolate. Now, I’m thinking to myself, “This is going to be awesome! Having two upper end options is great so I can play the ‘What’s on Sale’ game!”

Like anyone, I’ve been burned before with name brands that promise to measure up! A serious, well thought out comparison was in order!

This was going to be hella scientific, so I wanted to make sure that everything was as equal as possible. I was really bored!

Here are the stats:

Both cookie mixes were priced the same ($4.99) and only required one stick of butter and one large egg. Both bake temperatures were the same, too, 375F.

In this corner, King Arthur’s Essential Goodness, ‘Everybody’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix’, which promised 20-22 cookies from each 16 ounce box.

Weighing in at an impressive 16.75 ounces, Ghirardelli Chocolate’s, Dark Chocolate Chip cookie states that it will yield 22-23, 1 ½” cookies or 12-14, 3” cookies.

I used a 2 ounce ice cream scoop to level the playing field and Kerry Gold Irish butter for both mixes! Yeah! I live that Kerry Gold Life!

Side by side nutritional facts comparison was pretty even except some negligible points:

King Arthur Ghirardelli Chocolate

Total Calories: 130 120

Sodium: 100mg 115mg

Dietary Fiber: 1g <1g

Sugar: 10g 9g

Protein: 1g <1g

Spoiler Alert! King Arthur won for all of the best reasons!

With both mixes were easy to assemble, but it was the smell of the cookies baking that began to separate them!

The Test

As the King Arthur cookies baked, an amazing aroma filled our home that harkened back to my Mom’s cookies when I was growing up. Real vanilla! Real Butter! No Box! I could actually smell the vanilla and butter wafting from my oven!

Ghirardelli’s cookie smell was there but it got zero points in the cookie memory or cookie desire departments. Yes, I could smell cookies being baked but like the pageant children say, “It lacked realness!” Yes, the smell said cookie but not a great cookie.

On the taste and texture front, King Arthur reigned supreme! All of that buttery, vanilla-y smell translated directly into taste! The Hubz and I went in on all 24 of those bad boys! Crunchy edges with a tender, chewy center, yes please!

The King Arthur box even offers tips for you to make YOUR perfect cookie! Add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar for a chewy cookie or 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar for crunchy cookies!

King Arthur is non GMO, no artificial anything or preservatives. They are 100% employee owned, have a baker’s hotline (call or chat), and they give back to the community through Feeding America! So, my box cookie purchase help buy a meal for someone who is hungry!


OH! The box also lists all of the foods that the mix may have been exposed to so if you have allergies, it’s on the box! And, the box is recyclable!

My left leaning political self was pleased and so was my belly!

Ghirardelli Chocolate offered only one of these perks. Its box is recyclable, too!

I don’t want to bash Ghirardelli Chocolate’s cookie mix but I have very few great things to say about it. It’s a decent cookie. It’s better than most of the over sugared options in a pouch. It’s a great cookie to get homemade kudos from your coworkers at the staff meeting.

But, for the same price you get so much more from the King Arthur brand.

I have a non-cannabis networking event coming up and want to micro dose a batch of these with about 5mg per cookie! If I’m going to offer you an infused cookie, please know that I’m invested in you having a great experience, from taste, texture to dosage!

Working with a strain of 18% and one stick of butter in the Mota Pot, I can dose my cookies using only two tablespoons of infused butter!

Here are the numbers

3.5G x 180 = 630mg available

630mg x .7 = 441mg infused into my stick of butter

441mg / 8 tablespoons = 55.125mg per tablespoon

2 tablespoons = 110.25mg / 24 = 4.59mg per cookie

Well, Friends, this has been great! Reconnecting with you and getting back in the kitchen has made a huge difference in the uplifting of my spirit!

So looking forward to continuing to help you light up the food you know with cannabis you love!

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