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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Posted by The Dank Home Chef

A New Year! New Beginning!

It has been a challenge getting my post out with limited hands. I usually compose at the keyboard and allow my stream of consciousness to run free then edit. I wanted to be Betty Bad Ass and type through the pain like some Frida Kahlo of cannabis food blogs! But, relying on OTC pain relief and cannabis rendered me a bit unproductive.

Tylenol? Check!

Laptop? Check!

OG Kush? Double check!

Thirty minutes later, I would find myself down an internet worm-hole of random information. All of which was fascinating because I was high AF! I toked what I had, but I have to find a better strain to help with focus!

I’m in a better place now! Fitted with the 3rd cast, my pain has diminished greatly. I can flex my fingers more due to a gift of CBD pain salve from my friend, Matt Roland at My 420 Tours. He just couldn’t stand to see a sistah suffer!

Then, I finally got my second wind.

My original intention was for Cinco de Mayo to find a really good representation of salsa verde then elevate it with cannabis. However, a headline from caught my eye, 8 of the Best Foods from SH*THOLE Countries.

Queue the Worm-Hole!

Right off the bat, author Jessica Gentile is ripping #45 and I am here for it! In a Black Girl Magic moment, it hit me that I wanted to use my full voice and blend what I believe in, my politics, into my writing again. I mean, food is political! Who has it? Who don’t? Access? Quality? Price?

Throw cannabis into the mix and sprinkle some Black on it, et voila! Okay, I don’t know exactly what’s behind the big velvet curtain but we’re going to find out together.

The first ‘SH*THOLE country’ offering was El Salvadorian pupusas. If you’ve never had them, you need to get your life right!

As I lingered over the recipe, memories of living in San Francisco and buying pupusas from this tiny joint on Valencia Street drift back. Hot, cheesy and handmade by a large woman with fleshy arms, burnt sienna colored skin and eyes that had seen too much. She didn’t smile, just cooked.

Number eight on the list featured succulent, Nigerian, Beef Suya. My heart fluttered! According to the author, these kabobs are “the ultimate Africa street food!”

The highly seasoned drippings from the pan are used to baste the cooked meat. For my elevation factor, I will pour off the drippings into a heat safe dish, stir in a tablespoon of infused olive oil and use that for basting! Yes, Hunty!

Well, here we go on a new adventure! So much food! So much cannabis! So little time!

Let’s elevate together

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